All the way with mint(pudina)

In summer it is necessary to stay cool in  natural and refreshing way, there are so many ways to protect from summer, using  mint is one of them which is known for its fragrance and cool refreshing taste.

Mint (leaf) can be used either as fresh leaves or  dried leaves  in many ways like chat masala, Aaloo bhujia, chapati Aata, sauth (tamarind chutney)  or as a  garnish for biryani, salad and raita.

If you have bunch of pudina (mint); you mostly use as chutney, but here are some recipe other than chutney. I have allready link the all recipes…

So why are you waiting for go ahead…

Relish these recipe with your family.

  1. Pudina pachari (mint raita)
  2. Pudina paratha
  3.  Khasta aaloo fry
  4. Verdant green kiwi cooler
  5. Raw mango squash
  6. raw mango jal-jeera
  7. Stuffed aaloo poori
All the way with mint (pudina)

All the way with mint (pudina)

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